Frequently Asked Questions

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Activation and Account

Q1. How do I have a free trial for Wondershare Document Cloud?

To have a free trial, you need a Wondershare ID to log in. With Wondershare ID, you’re allowed to use other Wondershare products, such as PDFelement, Filmora, Dr.Fone and more.

If you have had Wondershare ID before, you can log in to Document Cloud directly using your Wondershare ID following step 4.

If you’re a new Wondershare user, you’ll have to create a Wondershare ID before you start a creative trip with us.

Step 1: Click the “FREE TRIAL” button on the top right corner and jump to the login page.

login page

Step 2: Click “Create account” and then create a new Wondershare ID filling in everything needed.

create wondershare id

Step 3: Your email will receive a confirmation notification with 6-digits code. Verify the code and your Wondershare ID will be activated successfully!

Step 4: Back to the login page and log in with your Wondershare ID.

Q2. What should I do if it asks me to purchase again or still shows trial after purchase?

Once you purchase Document Cloud and activate your Wondershare ID, usually, your authority will be automatically refreshed by our background.

But if your account is still showing as a trial version or ask you to purchase again, you can follow the steps below one by one:

Step 1: Press F5 shortcut to Refresh the Document Cloud page, then navigate to the “Document” menu and click the “Your Documents” tab to check if the capacity of cloud storage is 100GB.

1gb limitation

Step 2: If the capacity is still 1GB of trial version, please navigate to your avatar on the top right corner and click the “Plan” icon under the drop-down menu.

profile drop down menu

Step 3: In Wondershare Account Center, you can confirm your valid individual or team plan. If you have the plan of Wondershare Document Cloud definitely, please go back to Document Cloud page, then sign out your Wondershare ID and sign in again.

account plan page

Step 4: If it still shows a free trial after you confirm all the solutions above, please feel free to visit our support center to submit a support ticket request with our support team. They will continue to help you troubleshoot this issue with all of their efforts.

Q3. What should I do if I forget my Wondershare ID password?

You can go to Wondershare account page directly and fill in your Wondershare ID, then click the “Next” button and you’ll see “Forget your password?”. Finally, follow the steps to retrieve your password.

retrieve password
Q4. How to activate Document Cloud with registration code or serial number?

If you received the registration code or serial number from third parties or our sales team and need to activate Wondershare Document Cloud, you need to redeem the license in your Wondershare ID Account first. Wondershare ID Account is an account used to activate Wondershare Document Cloud and manage your orders and licenses. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: If you do not have a Wondershare ID account yet, please Create Account first.

Step 2: After creating an account or if you already have an account, you can log in your Wondershare ID account.

Step 3: Find the "Redeem" tab and choose "Registration code" or "Serial Number", then input your code or number to redeem it. After receiving "Success" notice, you can refresh your page and your license will be showed in "Plans".

redeem success

Step 4: After redeeming your license, you can access Wondershare Document Cloud and log in with your Wondershare ID account to start. If Document Cloud is already opened on your device, please log out your account and then wait 1 minute to re-sign in again.

Pre-sales and Purchase

Q1. What’s the difference between the paid version and the free trial?

The trial version of Document Cloud includes all the features as the paid version, except the capacity of cloud storage and the number of sending documents for signature.

For free trial, you will only have 1GB cloud storage to save your documents to Document Cloud. As for electronic signature, you can only send 5 documents in a lifetime.

For full-featured Document Cloud, you will get a super large capacity of 100GB cloud storage and have no limit on sending documents.

Q2. What’s the difference between Individual Plan and Team Plan.

1. Individual Plan is created for individual users only.

2. Team Plan serves company/business/enterprise that needs to manage multiple users and take control of the team.

3. Team Plan includes all the features of Individual Plan. Plus, Team Plan has some advanced features including team management, team administrator center, team template sharing and team analytics and reporting, which helps team manage multiple users well and has dedicated technical support.

Q3. How can I purchase a multi-user license?
If you need a multi-user license to manage your team, you can jump to our purchase page and navigate to the “Team & Business” tab. Then select the quantity you need. If you need 20+ users license, you can request a discount by click the “REQUEST PRICING” button.

Cloud Storage Services

Q1. How to save documents to Document Cloud?

Method 1: navigate to Document Cloud homepage, then click the “Upload Files” button to select documents from your local storage.

upload a file

Method 2: Jump to the “Document” menu and navigate the “Your Document” tab. You’ll find the same “Upload Files” button.

check all documents
Q2. Can I download documents from Document Cloud on other devices/systems?
Yes, this is the one of core features of browser-based Document Cloud. No matter what devices/systems you have, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, all you need to do is to visit and log in to Document Cloud via a browser as you like. Then choose the documents and download them anywhere and anytime!
Q3. Can I check the remaining capacity of my cloud storage?

Of course, you can move to the “Your Documents” tab under the “Document” menu. You’ll find the capacity data besides the “Upload Files” button.

1gb limitation

Note: the sending documents for signature doesn’t take up the cloud storage space.

Q4. Will the sending documents for signature take up the cloud storage space?
No, it won’t take up the cloud storage space. Only the documents you uploaded to Document cloud will.
Q5. How long will the documents in Document Cloud be kept after the license expires?

After your license expires. your cloud storage files will only be accessible for 15 more days. Please back them up to your local storage and delete them from your account. Otherwise, any cloud storage over 1 GB will be deleted from your account, and you will be reverted to the free trial version after 15 days.

Note: your electronic signature files won't be affected.

Q6. How much cloud storage space does every user get after purchasing team license?

Every user in the team will get independent 100GB cloud storage only.

Electronic Signature

Q1. What is electronic signature?
According to the U.S. Federal ESIGN Act passed in 2000, electronic signature is an “electronic sound, symbol, or process, attached to or logically associated with a contract or other record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.” Electronic signatures are legally binding in almost every country in the world. Whether you use electronic signature in business or personal transactions, Document Cloud promises that your privacy and security will be 100% guaranteed.
Q2. What fields do electronic signatures usually apply to?

Electronic signature is usually applied to signing legally binding documents including:

- Confidentiality agreements and employee on-boarding contract.

- Business contracts, invoices, and approval proposals.

- Rental and housing lease agreements.

- Tax documents, bank forms, and insurance paperwork.

- School forms, permission slips, liability waivers, financial documents, and parental consent.

Q3. Can I send documents for electronic signature for free?

Yes, you can create and send documents for electronic signature if you register a Wondershare ID. New users are allowed to free trial Sign feature 5 times, including Bulk Send, Request Signatures and Template.

After 5 times, you need to purchase a license and then you’ll have no limit on sending documents for electronic signature.

Q4. How many documents can I send for electronic signatures if I have purchased a license?
After purchasing a license, you will have no limit on sending documents for electronic signatures and 100GB cloud storage space.
Q5. Do I have to purchase a license if I only need to sign the document sent by Document Cloud?
Recipients don’t need to register a Wondershare ID or purchase a license, and only need to jump to Document Cloud via the email notification to sign the documents. The signed documents will be automatically sent to the initiator once recipients submit signature.
Q6. Can I create a reusable template for electronic signature?
Of course, if you always send the same type of document for electronic signature, you can create a template to reuse next time. With a template, you only need to fill the signers’ email address and then send the documents directly and quickly, which will save a lot of time and boost productivity.
Q7. Can I customize the branding logo displayed in the email notification?
Yes, we dedicate bring personalized service to our users. You’re allowed to personalize your brands as you need, including logo, company tagline and email signature.

Team Management

Q1. Can I create a team to manage my group/company/business?
Yes, if you purchase two or more team licenses, you’ll have the permission to create your own team access to all the team features, including team administrator center, team template sharing, team analytics and reporting.
Q2. Can I replace or delete team members?
Yes, team owner can replace or delete any team member within the valid duration of team account.
Q3. Can other team members manage the team?

Of course, the team owner can set up multiple administrators to assist. But administrators only have permission to add or delete team members, they can’t view the files of team members.

add administrator
Q4. Can I check the team data of documents related to signature?

Sure, the team owner has permission to access all the team data related to signature, including “Completed”, “Waiting for me” and more.

check team activity report
Q5. How do I share a template with my team members?

Only team owner enables to share templates with team members.

Step 1: create a template you want to share under the “Sign” menu.

Step 2: navigate to “Document” menu and click the “Template” tab.

Step 3: click the ellipsis behind the template to share and select “Share with Users” in the drop-down menu.

share team template

Step 4: select the team members and share the template.

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