Document Cloud

Collaborate, sign documents, and simplify your workflow with this cloud-based platform. Plus your privacy is guaranteed across Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile systems.

Enhance your workflow in the Document Cloud

Cloud Storage

Wondershare Document Cloud lets you enjoy a large cloud storage space (up to 100GB). You can access your cloud documents on any device, at anytime, and from anywhere so you can meet document deadlines on time! We also provide the highest level of privacy protection to keep your documents safe.

Electronic Signature

No matter where you are, Wondershare Document Cloud makes electronic signatures faster, easier, and safer across all browsers. Individual signers from different operating systems are able to sign legally binding agreements and contracts at any time without registering for an account and downloading desktop software.


Upload any contract or agreement from your local device. Then create your own signature and apply fillable text fields. Next, send the PDF document to each recipient to initiate the signing process.


The recipients can access the document to be signed via an email from our server. From any device, they can sign the PDF document to complete the process.


You'll not only receive the notification when someone signs your PDF document, but also can keep tracks of the signing process and details including signer's email address, timestamps, and IP addresses.

PDFelement Pro DC

So far, Wondershare Document Cloud has been embedded in other Wondershare products, such as PDFelement 8.0, to achieve multi-terminal interaction. Build a bridge between you, your team and Wondershare with the Document Cloud and enhance your document productivity like never before!

Follow the trend and work from the cloud with your team!