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The hands-on guide to help you learn how to use Wondershare Document Cloud in seconds.

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Product Introduction

Thank you for choosing Wondershare Document Cloud – the perfect multi-terminal cloud experience. We dedicate to bring the best product and service for you and your team!

On the one hand, Wondershare Document Cloud allows you to save documents to the cloud as you need. Then you can access and download them from any platform including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS, at anytime and from anywhere. As for the capacity, you will get up to 100GB of cloud storage.

On the other hand, Wondershare Document Cloud supports sending documents for electronic signature regardless of whether it’s a contract or agreement. We provide some special team service for enterprise and business, including team administrator center, team template sharing, team analytics and reporting, etc.

Most importantly, your document security and privacy are guaranteed. We provide the highest level of privacy protection to keep your documents safe.

product interface

Note: In the near future, Wondershare Document Cloud will connect with other Wondershare products, including PDFelement and HiPDF, to achieve multi-terminal interaction.

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Create Wondershare ID

To be able to access Document Cloud, you will have to create a Wondershare ID to log in, then you can use the trial version of Document Cloud. With your unique Wondershare ID, you are allowed to log in to most of Wondershare products. Following the three easy steps, you will learn how to create your own Wondershare ID:

  • Visit Wondershare Document Cloud official website and click the “TO CLOUD” button on the top right corner.
click to cloud
  • You can log in with the popup page if you have created a Wondershare ID before.
login page
  • Click the “Create account” button to create if you don’t have a Wondershare ID.
create wondershare id
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Free Trial/Full Feature

Trial Version Limitations

You can directly access Document Cloud for free via the “FREE TRIAL” button on the top right corner. The trial version contains the following limitations:

1gb limitation
  • Will only have 1GB cloud storage to save your documents. We will support all kinds of file formats in the near future.
  • Will be only allowed to send 5 documents for electronic signature.
  • Will not have team & business features. Only can experience individual features and templates.
Purchase Document Cloud License

To experience the full-featured Wondershare Document Cloud. You will have to purchase the license to authorize your Wondershare ID. Please follow the steps below to purchase the license:

click pricing button
  • Navigate to the top banner and find the “Pricing” button, then click it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and choose your favorite plan as you need.
  • Click the “BUY NOW” button and jump to the shopping cart. We will help you create a Wondershare ID automatically if the email you filled wasn’t used to create a Wondershare ID before.
  • Go to your email inbox and follow the instruction to activate your Wondershare ID and reset the password.
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There are three different tabs on the top toolbar including "Home", "Document" and "Sign". Here is the interface of “Home”.

Tips: Clicking the icon, such as “Waiting for me”, "Waiting for others" and "Completed", will jump to the related tab.

cloud homepage

In the bottom toolbar, you can read the Privacy and EULA. Or click the contact us button if you have any questions. Moreover, we will be really appreciated if you could give us feedback filling the “Review” survey.

review window

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Upload and Save Documents

Wondershare Document Cloud provides a large-capacity cloud storage for your document needs. You can easily save the important and confidential documents to the cloud without worries about the security, then download them from any platform including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc. To save your documents to the cloud, just follow the three steps below:

  • Log in with your Wondershare ID at first.
login page
  • Then click the “Upload Files” button to choose the documents you want to save.
upload a file
  • Finally, click the “Open” button and wait for the uploading process is completed.
uploading process completed

If you want to check all the documents in the cloud, you need to navigate to the “Document” tab on the top, then click the “Your Documents” tab. You’ll find all the documents you uploaded here, and you can also save documents here by clicking the “Upload Files” button.

check all documents
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Check Cloud Storage Capacity

For trial version, Wondershare Document Cloud provides 1GB space for you to enjoy our best service. To check the remaining capacity, please navigate to the “Document” tab on the top toolbar, then click the “Your Document” tab. You’ll know the remaining capacity of cloud storage.

1gb limitation

Note: If 1GB storage is not enough, you can purchase a quarterly or a yearly license to enlarge the cloud storage to 100GB!

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Document Menu

When you need to find a document in Document Cloud, the best way is moving to the “Document” menu. But how to find the correct document quickly? You should understand the meaning of each tab:

document menu

All Documents: includes all the documents in “Your Documents” and “Signed Documents”.

Your Documents: includes all the documents you uploaded and saved to Document Cloud, which will take up the cloud storage space.

Signed Documents: includes all the documents related to electronic signature, which is saved in our server and won’t take up your cloud storage space.

Waiting for me: the documents waiting for your signature.

Waiting for others: the documents waiting for others to sign.

Completed: the documents that have been signed.

Declined: the documents that have been declined to sign by others.

Draft: the documents with incomplete signature settings.

Bulk send: the bulk sending documents that wait for your signature or wait for others to sign.

Template: all templates you created and shared template.

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Download Files from Cloud

You’re allowed to download files from Document Cloud on all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. No matter what devices you have, such as PC, Macbook, laptop, smartphone or tablet, all you need to do is to open a browser and access Document Cloud, then you can download the documents you need from cloud quickly and easily.

To download files from cloud, you can click the ellipsis after the document, then click the “Download” button in the drop-down menu to export the document to your local storage.

download files from cloud
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Annotate and Comment

Online annotation and comment tools are important factors in collaborative workspaces. So far, Wondershare Document Cloud supports annotation and comment to enhance your workflow and make your online document more productive!

add comment button

Now we provides highlighted text, undelined text, strikethrough text, add text comment, drawing, add sticky note tools, you can easily find them on the top bar of preview page. In addition, you can comment something you need for every annotation.

Note: this feature is only for personal annotation now, we will publish the collaborative annotation and comment feature soon!

annotation and comment
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Send Documents

For Wondershare Document Cloud, sending documents for collecting signatures is one of the core features. We dedicate to provide the best service when you need to sign a document or need signatures from multiple people. To initiate a signature request, you can follow this tutorial guide step by step:

  • Log in your Wondershare ID, then navigate to the top toolbar and move to the “Sign” tab.
sign tab
  • There are three choices for you to initiate a new task for signatures, including Request Signatures, Bulk Send and Create Template. If you only want to receive one document with multiple signatures from your members, then select the “Request Signatures” to start the task. If you want to receive multiple copies with different signatures from your members, then select the “Bulk Send” to start. You will only have 5 times to send documents for signature if you're on a free trial.
three way to send documents
  • Choose the document you will send from your local storage or from our Document Cloud. Then click the “Add Document” button.
add document
  • To protect confidential documents, you’re allowed to add an access authentication with 6 digits password.
add access authentication
  • Input the correct signer’s email address, then click the “+” button to add it to the signers group. Moreover, you can import a CSV file to add multiple email addresses in batch.
add email address
  • If you need to set signing order, just confirm the checkbox and drag the icon to change sequence. If you need to sign the document, just click the checkbox and select “Sign first” or “Sign last”.
set signing order
  • If having your own logo or branding, you’re allowed to upload and change the default logo we prepared. Finally, fill in the subject and content, then click the “Next” button to move to the next step.
customize brand and content
  • Drag and drop the Signature/Initial, Date, Title, Company fields for every signer as you need. You can also customize an area for signers to fill, such as Address, Gender, Age, etc. If you need to reuse this layout next time, you can save it as a template.
drag and drop fields
  • Send the documents when everything is completed. You can track the status and details as you need.
complete and send documents
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Sign Documents

For electronic signature, signing documents is the last but the most important step in the progress. When you receive the email notification for signature request:

  • Open the message, you’ll see the following signature request. You’ll know who sends the request and what document you will sign. Click the “Sign the Document” button to jump to Wondershare Document Cloud via the default browser on your computer directly. Or click the below link if the button doesn’t work.
email request for signature
  • There will be a pop-up window for you to choose from. You can refuse to sign the document or agree with EULA and privacy policy to continue. Whether you refuse or agree, the signature initiator will receive an email notification about the status.
agree with eula and privacy
  • Once you agree to sign the document, you’ll find multiple fields the initiator requests. All you need to do is to click these fields and then fill in the related information.
fill in fields
  • Click the “Submit Signature” button on the top right corner after you confirm all the information you filled in. Then you can download and save the document to your local storage.
download signed document
  • After all the recipients finish signing and submitting the document, they and you will receive an email notification to confirm that all the recipients have signed. You can click the "View the Document" button in your mailbox to view the signed PDF document in your browser online. You can also click the "Detail" button on the top to view more details, then click the "Download" button or the "Print" button as you need.
completed email notification
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Create Templates

If you always need to send the same document for signature every time, you can create a reusable document as a template that can be used next time. Following this tutorial step by step, you’ll learn how to achieve it.

  • Log in to Wondershare Document Cloud, then navigate to the “Sign” tab. You will find the “Template” feature.
sign tab
  • Click the “Create Template” button to customize your own template, or reuse a current template if you have created before.
create template
  • Select a document from your local storage or Document Cloud. Then click the “Add Document” button.
add document
  • If you need to password-protect the document, you can add an access authentication with 6 digits password.
add access authentication in template
  • Click the “+” button to add the number of signers for this template, and you can also set a signing order with the checkbox. If you need to sign the document, click the “I need to sign the document” checkbox and choose "Sign first" or "Sign last".
add multiple signers email
  • When you finish the subject and content, click the “Next” button to move to the next step.
complete subject and content
  • Drag and drop to add the signature/information fields for every signer one by one. Click the “Save” button when you get it done. The template will be created successfully.
drag and drop fields template
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Personalize Brand Logo

We provide a friendly service for you to customize your logo, company tagline and email signature, which will help recipients to understand the content quickly and directly.

All you need to do is to find the “Brands” button under the avatar drop-down menu, then upload your logo, personalize the company tagline and email signature as you need!

personalize brand logo
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Purchase Team License

If you would like to create a team account to manage your team/group easily, we provide Team & Business service for our customers. To purchase a team license, there are following steps:

Step 1: navigate to the “Pricing” page on the top banner, then move to the Team & Business tab.

move to team tab

Step 2: choose the number of user quantity to purchase. You can request pricing if you need a 20+ user license.

request pricing
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Add/Remove/Authorize Team Members

After purchasing the team license, the team owner is allowed to add team members to the team, delete team members or authorize team members as a normal user or administrator. Before we start the tutorial guide, please click the “Team” button under the avatar drop-down menu to jump to the team page. Then select the team ready to manage.

team tab

Now let’s learn how to achieve the goal one by one:

Add team members: click the “ADD USER” button at first, then fill in the member’s email address and select the roles. If the email has been created a Wondershare ID before, he or she can sign in directly. Otherwise, we will create a new Wondershare ID using this email, then the member can set a password in the email notification.

click add user button

Remove team members: select the team members you would like to remove, then click the “Remove” or “Remove Select” button and confirm your choice.

remove user from team

Authorize team members: select the team members and click the “Edit” button to revise the roles into “User” or “Admin”.

authorize user as admin
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Team Analytics and Reporting

If you would like to check team analytics and reporting data, you only need to click the “Reports” button under the avatar drop-down menu. Then you can view User Activity Report or Group Activity Report here.

team reports page
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Team Template Sharing

Team owner can create a template to share with all team users to do business:

Step 1: move to the “Document” menu and select the “Template” tab.

move to template tab

Step 2: find the template you want to share and click “Share with Users” under the drop-down menu.

share template with user

Step 3: select the users as you need and click the “arrow” button to add users. Then click the “Save” button to complete.

select user to share template
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Free Download and Install

We dedicate to develop a creative Document Cloud to supercharge your document productivity. Thus we pre-embed Document Cloud in Wondershare PDFelement, a powerful and robust all-in-one PDF editor & converter, to bring you a worry-free workflow.

pdfelement homepage

You can download PDFelement Pro DC for free. With PDFelement Pro DC, you can easily edit, convert, merge PDFs on Windows and Mac, review and annotate PDFs on mobile device, or turn manual document processes into efficient digital ones in your browser.

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For Windows User

So far, we only embed Document Cloud in PDFelement Pro DC for Windows. Our developers will try as fast as we can to achieve the pre-built integration in other operating systems.

For PDFelement Pro DC for Windows users, if you want to directly access Document Cloud, we provide 3 easy methods to connect Document Cloud with PDFelement desktop:

Method 1: Open document from Document Cloud

open document from document cloud

Method 2: Upload the current document to Document Cloud

upload current file to cloud

Method 3: Send the current documents for electronic signature using Document Cloud

send document for signature using pdfelement
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